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Append .com to URLs in Safari Address Bar


add the com I always thought Safari was adding the .com to addresses I typed in the Address Bar. I think Firefox does. Or did. The other day Road Runner started showing me a search results page with ads if I entered something like “apple” without the .com.

Changing my DNS servers to and (Level3) seems to have me back to my lazy ways. I can enter krispykreme and hit enter and I’m all set.

Just go to System Preferences and click Network. Select your network interface on the left. Click Advanced and then DNS. Use the plus sign to add the two DNS servers to your list, just like the screenshot.

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  1. About that appending: does Muorphy (or any MM’s reader) know a way to change “.com” to something else? Let’s face it: Germans use “.de” rather than “.com” or Polish “.pl” than “.com” (like in ma case).

    Any halp will do :)

  2. OpenDNS does something in between – if it can resolve the .com it will, but if not it will give you a page of alternatives. Helpful when one mis-types or doesn’t know the exact spelling of a company name.

  3. open dns is way better.

  4. I read about Open DNS before I posted. Someone said it was slow or that it had extra redirection steps. This was a rush job, I didn’t bother testing!

    Whatever works. The main point of the post is that different DNS servers provide different levels of service. David – it would be helpful if you could elaborate on why open dns is way better. Unless you just mean for the reasons mentioned by mibrilane.

    As for alternatives to .com – I don’t know. Maybe some providers in Germany have DNS servers that can append a de.

  5. I use OpenDNS and it works great. I would recommend it to anyone, easy to set up and never have had any problems. Before your post I hadn’t heard about the ones you were using.

  6. Tyler –
    That was just the first DNS server I saw when troubleshooting the problem. I’m looking forward to playing with all the features of OpenDNS.

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