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Add HTML to iWeb Pages


add html to iweb pagesWith iWeb it’s easy to make fantastic looking content in a matter of minutes. To keep things simple, iWeb never shows you a single line of html. For some that’s good. For others it’s frustrating.

If you check around on the web you’ll find some workarounds. A common theme: Put a placeholder on your page – like a word that will stand out. After publishing you can scan your html for the standout word and replace it with whatever html code you want on your iWeb page.

Murphy’s going to make it even easier. He’s using a free tool called iWebMore. We’ll put a rounded-rectangle on the page as a placeholder. We’ll add the html inside the rectangle, then let iWebMore do the dirty work of updating our html after we publish.

You could use this method to add all kinds of code scraps. Digg buttons, videos, Adsense banners – all kinds of content. Even just a few simple lines of html that iWeb couldn’t do for you. Suddenly iWeb isn’t half as limited as you once thought.

Remember, you’re altering the pages after you publish. That means if you publish again you’ll have to process your pages again using iWebMore to update the html. iWeb doesn’t know you altered the html.

In the screencast we’ll add a small piece of Google script to our page that pulls our favorite stories from Google Reader. As we mark stories as favorites in Google Reader, our iWeb generated page will update with new links. This is a great way to keep your site fresh, and provide your readers with content that interests you.

Down the road we’ll take a look at making the changes manually. For now, iWebMore makes it really easy. Who knows, maybe the next version of iWeb will take care of this for us??

Related information: See the screencast for automating iWeb syncing with a third party host.

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15 comments to “Add HTML to iWeb Pages”

  1. Hi there,
    Great site, awesome tutorials. But can you please NOT make every link open in a new window?

  2. Have you tried iWebFlinger for this?

  3. Haven’t tried it yet. Just saw it on Apple Discussions today.

    Ron Says:
    February 19th, 2007 at 5:09 pm e
    Have you tried iWebFlinger for this?

  4. Thanks for the article.
    I’d like be able to do the opposite of making something a “hyperlink”
    i.e. paste text with URLs in it and NOT have iweb turn them into hyperlinks.
    Any idea how to do that?


  5. You could select the text that has been made into a link and then go to the Inspector. In the link tab, far right, uncheck the box that says Enable as a Hyperlink.

    Kind of tedious if you have lots of links like that. Maybe there will be some more ‘universal’ options in the next release of iWeb.

  6. Thanks Murphy – laborous but at least its possibe! :-)

  7. Hey Murphy. Thanks for the great video. I followed it step by step, but I get this error each time:

    error: got in PWC.html
    error: got in PWC.html
    done in 164ms.

    And I am pretty sure i have entered the code correctly:

    _uacct = “UA-1668077-1”;



  8. Hey –
    Who is this in the previous comment posing as Murphy??! Anyway – I love the jetski photos on your site.

    You’re sure there weren’t any spaces or empty lines before the closing :@> ?? From what I see above it looks like maybe there was a blank line?

    What kind of code are you trying to place in the rounded rectangle? Send me the html if you like and I’ll try it out.

  9. Thanks Murphy – laborous but at least its possibe!

  10. Thank You

  11. Thanks for the tip … unfortunately the iWebMore is not working – when I click “Select Publish Folder”, nothing comes up (no directory tree etc – screen remains blank … argh

  12. This is a great tool!

    Okay, so I’m trying to add a google adsense to my site. It loads up fine but for some reason the ad gets cut off on the right hand side.

    Any ideas?

  13. Did you make the box big enough and far enough from the margin of the page to contain the ad?

  14. and oh i with my girl who i though was my worl. Nurit Hailey.

  15. I was wondering if you had any ideas how we can modify our Headings, Titles and Meta Tags so we can improve our SEO with the major search engines.

    When viewing page source, I noticed that Iweb does not enter any headings, titles or meta tags specific to the website I built using IWEB. How can I fix this. I have a book project culminating soon and I have built a website but the search engines will never index it because the meta tags, headings and titles do not provide any specific information regarding my site.

    Great website, but no one will find it. HELP PLEASE! – please respond by email to the address I listed. It would be greatly appreciated. Also, I simply use the html snippet widget within IWEB tools to add html. This is a handy little widget. Is this different than using the rounded box symbol?

    Happy Holidays,