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Add Google Video to iWeb


At some point Murphy stopped placing Quicktime videos in iWeb pages and turned to Google Video. Too many people emailed and said, “Great site. But the video wouldn’t play.” It doesn’t happen now.

Google Video in iWebSome people might argue that Flash-based Google Video isn’t much better. But in Murphy’s experience a Windows audience is more likely to have success with Google Video than with Quicktime. Despite Apple shipping Quicktime with every iTunes download the QT player isn’t everywhere – not yet.

There’s a trade off. Google doesn’t give you many options. Once you upload your video it’s in Google’s hands. Before uploading you can add a title page or a skin. But there’s no denying that Quicktime generally looks better.

Some people suggest leaving your video as uncompressed as possible before uploading. Their reasoning is that Google’s technology will do a better job at compression if they have more to work with upfront. It’ll take you longer to upload your video, but the results could be worth it.

Google’s default embed settings are often smaller than what you uploaded. On the plus side, the smaller size will look sharp. You can change the playback size by altering the html. Murphy shows you how in the screencast.
Here’s another reason to use Google Video – it won’t count against the stingy disk space you get with .Mac! Murphy knows .Mac is perfect for some users – and offers Mac-specific features you won’t see elsewhere. But if lots of storage space is what you need look elsewhere!

The screencast uses iWebMore to place html in iWeb pages. It’s quick and easy to use – but you might want to check Murphy’s first iWebMore screencast.

Click to see the iWeb page made in the screencast.

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