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Action Shot for iPhone

Action Shot Sample

Sequence created with iPhone app Action Shot.

Some smart apps are pushing the limits of your iPhone
camera these days. Take a look at Action Shot. This free app creates an effect that would take me hours to bang out on my Mac.
Here’s how it works: You shoot a brief video of some action. The app presents you with a handful of frames. You drag to shade over your action-inducing subject in each frame and the app combines them into a still. A still with your subject displayed multiple times as it progresses across the frame.
Great sample here from Apple’N’Apps.
Even better, you don’t need a tripod. It would help, but the app can do its job if your hand is somewhat steady. ¬†For best results hold the phone as steady as possible and let the subject move across the frame – rather than tracking the subject.


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  1. That’s CRAY! I’m going to download that

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