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50 Screencasts Posted


50 Screencasts PostedMurphy has reached a minor milestone. The fiftieth screencast has been posted, enough to keep you going for a whole weekend of tweaking, cleaning up, backing up, and discovering fun little things your Mac can do.

Thanks to our friends at TUAW, Hawkwings, MacOSXhints, ars technica, and many others* for spreading the word about Murphy’s snippets. Before you know it we’ll have a hundred screencasts online.

One of these days you all are going to kick in with the comments. We’ve already got a handful of truly informative comments, adding valuable insight to Murphy’s screencasts or suggesting another way to do something altogether. Keep it up! You don’t have to register to comment, so go ahead and tell us what you think!

Here are some of the most popular screencasts to date:

The visitor count is creeping up every day. Send in your suggestions, Murphy would love to make you a screencast.

Thanks !

* Friends of Murphy Mac:



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5 comments to “50 Screencasts Posted”

  1. Well done on reaching the milestone and keep up the good work! I’m always reading even if I don’t comment …

  2. Keep up the great work Murph! I’m looking forward to the next 50!

  3. Congrats! We’ll definitely refer Switchers here.

  4. Murphy, Id like to know what app you use to make your snipplets / screen casts ? Is it free ? Thank you very much !

  5. Sorry Felipe –

    It’s my only edge at this point! It’s not free. It’s actually quite expensive. And the process is somewhat laborious!!

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